porto brutalista

The book «Porto Brutalista», published by Circo de Ideias and edited by Pedro Baía and Magda Seifert, brings together a selection of 20 works situated in Porto, Gaia and Matosinhos, which aims to propose new ways of interpreting an architecture produced with constructive and material affinities associated with Brutalism.

Book available here


“The photographs presented in this series are made with three different kinds of black and white negatives: large format sheets, medium format rolls and 35mm rolls.

The first two are always framed within a slow process of composition and observation. A high level of definition and detail is achieved by using fine-grained emulsions.

The 35mm images result from the act of freely walking throughout the buildings. They are responses to instincts caused by an immediate survey of the site, where questions of light, shadow, texture and material overlap with the desire to display the entirety of the architectural project, unveiling its most tactile side. These rolls, pushed beyond their standard sensitivity, render photographs with a very pronounced grain. The structure of the emulsion is manifested graphically, in a formal, linguistic and conceptual approach which recalls to the idea of brutalism.”

francisco ascensão, luca bosco, 2018-2019