atlante is a project by Francisco Ascensão and Luca Bosco

“An atlas is a book or a place where nature and culture are conventionally pictured: mountains, lakes, pyramids, oceans, cities, villages, stars, islands. In this set of signs and captions, we can find where we live, where we’d like to go, the path we can follow.”*
“In 1969 the photo taken from the space shuttle on its way to the moon was published in all newspapers; this was the first photograph of the World. (...) Simultaneously, the representation of the World and all the representations of the World at one time only. (...) The power of containing everything vanished in front of the possibility of seeing everything at the same time.”**

*GHIRRI, Luigi atlante, charta, 1973 (foreword);
**GHIRRI, Luigi kodachrome, mack, 2012, page 7 (foreword); considerations about the first picture of the earth, taken from the space shuttle.  |  instagram